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Liaoning new world door and window system Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is the national Ministry of construction designated UPVC plastic profile and aluminum alloy profiles of the production of one of the large manufacturers.

More than and 20 years, always adhere to the quality first, brand first, service first, the first person to be the first business philosophy, practice proves that we have said, but also done. China has won ten plastic brand, brand-name products in Liaoning, Liaoning and other ten honorary certificate. With the development of the market, a new type of intelligent home quick installation system in the South has been popular for more than half a China, sweeping the Northeast market market share, according to incomplete statistics...   

  • Installation method The wall plate (panel) installation Daquan, with this installation atlas, do not worry, can install it yourself home.
  • What is the fast loading ... A tripod PTZ camera three is fast loading plate clamping structure comprises the head and clamping structure, which is c...
  • Fast loading wall market ... First, the decoration process is simple. Indoor use of integrated wall decoration, from the rough to the finished produc...

Product display
Luban cultural heritage and communication of modern technology

  • XB-14 Bronze gold
  • XB-15Khaki
  • XB-16Australian Oak
  • XB-17North American Walnut
  • XB-18Australian Maple ash
  • XC-01Embossed oak
  • XC-04White oak
  • XC-05Bainanmu
  • XC-07Orchid wallpaper
  • XC-09Striae
  • XC-11Woven design
  • XC-12The blue sky and white clouds
  • XC-13Garden wallpaper
  • XC-15Plain teak
  • XC-16Cloud shadow oak
  • XC-17White wire drawing
  • XC-18White wallpaper
  • XC-20Pale golden oak
  • XC-23Dark grey
  • XC-24 olive green
  • XC-25 purple wire drawing
  • XC-26 rice flower wallpaper
  • XC-27 red ice jade
  • XC-27 gold Feiyu
  • XC-101 pristine oak
  • XC-103 Gold Maple
  • XC-104 romantic cherry
  • XC-105 Angel white
  • XC-112 walnut
  • XC-113 m white


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